As Damien High School charges forward – entering a new era, reaching out to new students, and expanding its presence – it is essential that the Damien brand grows with it. We want to make sure we embrace the history and tradition of Damien and position our school to reach continually expanding and evolving audiences.
The purpose of this guide is not to restrict creativity, but to provide helpful guidelines to enable Damien staff, partners, and vendors to express the Damien brand effectively across a wide range of applications and media. The brand elements are designed to support and reflect our vision and values. Using the elements correctly and consistently will ensure that our school materials communicate these values clearly.
Green & Gold have been the foundation of Damien High School for over 60+ years. Damien Green (Hex Code: #244546) is our primary color alongside Spartan Gold (Hex Code: #FFB81C). These two colors should be used in significant and meaningful ways throughout the design, as they define Damien's history as an educational institution. You may choose to use either color as the signature color in your design. Damien Green lends itself to more formal or serious applications, while Spartan Gold works well in more informal, casual applications especially involving athletic activities.  
Millennium Gold (Hex Code: #B3A369) has long been a part of Damien history, and can be used as an accent to our Damien Green. Millennium Gold cannot be used in the same design as Spartan Gold. For additional depth, Cool Gray (Hex Code: #A7A8A9) can also be used as a secondary color in combination with Damien Green and either Spartan Gold or Millennium Gold. Secondary colors should be used only as accent colors to the primary palette. 
Our Spartan Helmet logos are available in Damien Green, Spartan Gold, Millennium Gold, and White. No other logo colors are acceptable. The white version of this logo may be used only on backgrounds or photographs that allow for proper readability. None of the elements may be altered in any way. The logo cannot be flipped to face the other direction. The negative space surrounding the interior cross cannot be filled to create a single colored helmet. Use only the digital artwork provided by our marketing/communication department. Do not redraw or alter the logo elements or colors.
    1. The logo cannot be flipped to face left. 
    2. The logo must always be legible. Avoid using the logo at a small scale on complex patterns, busy photographs, or textures that do not provide adequate contrast.
    3. The white version of this logo may be used only on solid color backgrounds or photographs to allow for proper readability.
    4. Maintaining the integrity of the Damien Spartan logo is key to building a strong identity. It must be presented in a consistent and legible manner. Do not alter the logo in any way by changing or adding elements or using only portions of it. Never change the logo’s color or warp or distort it. Do not create a custom logo for specific purposes.
The logo is available in only one format with the Spartan Helmet logo placed on the left of Damien High School logotype. The logotype may never be used independently. Our Spartan Helmet with Logotype is available in Damien Green, Spartan Gold, Millennium Gold, and White. No other logo colors are acceptable.
Service. Scholarship. Faith.
Those are the words we hear most often when we speak to various community members about Damien, including faculty, staff, students, parents, alumni, and donors. The Spartan Helmet logo with the Three Pillars of our school serves as a visual representation of this Damien identity and is a reminder of our core beliefs. Our 'Three Pillars' logo is available in Damien Green, Spartan Gold, Millennium Gold, and White. No other logo colors are acceptable.
Damien High School has long used an Old English 'D' to identify itself across multiple disciplines over the course of the school's history. An updated look was given to the logo in 2022 to formally separate Damien from other common uses of the letter logo by other schools or organizations. The main identifier is the new 'notch' in the center pillar, which takes its shape from the ends of our 'Cross' seen in other Damien logos.
The Damien 'D' Logo is available in Damien Green, Spartan Gold, Millennium Gold, and White. No other logo colors are acceptable. Outlines of the logo are available upon request.
The Damien Crest represents the school’s Catholic identity, dedication to the advancement of knowledge, and service to the community. The current 2021 design refreshes but honors the work of the original 1959 version. The four elements represent Faith (Congregation of Sacred Hearts), Service (St. Damien of Molokai), Scholarship (Damien High School), and the Spartan (the Mascot of Damien High School).
The single-color seal in Damien Green may be used for only formal occasions and products, including items for Commencement, specific gift items, appropriate clothing (i.e. blazers, not T-shirts), and stationery. DO NOT use the official seal in combination with other logos.
The Damien Crest is available in Damien Green, Millennium Gold, and White. No other logo colors are acceptable.

DO NOT take the Damien Green crest and reverse it to make it white to use on dark backgrounds. The White version of the Damien Crest has been created specifically for use on a dark background. 
The Damien Crest may only be used with permission from the Offices of Marketing and Communication. It can never be altered or varied.
To request use of the Damien Crest, contact: Troy Lopez at [email protected]
Due to manufacturer limitations, we understand that an exact color match to Damien Green is often not available as a base color for apparel and fabric. In those cases, a dark green may be used as a substitute for the base color of the clothing item. 
The Spartan Helmet logo or 'Three Pillars' logo must be clearly visible on the apparel. 
Color of the apparel: Green, Spartan Gold, or White.
*Black or Cool Gray: Limited usage. Send request for use at [email protected]
Trained in the disciplines and honor of a warrior society, the Spartans were one of the most feared military forces in the Greek world. The Spartan has been associated with Damien since 1959 and was formally adopted as the mascot for Damien High School. Today, the 'Spartan Man' is one of the distinctive experiences shared by decades of Damien alumni.
Our Spartan Man brings our traditional mascot to life and is useable in primarily Athletic applications to strengthen name, 'Damien Spartans'. 
We offer four approved fonts — Roboto, Roboto Condensed, Roboto Slab, and Trajan Pro (Damien logotype) — that allow for creative expression of our brand identity in ways that are appropriate for our diverse audiences and goals. 
Athletic uniforms, school uniforms, and other apparel are not restricted to these fonts. These fonts are intended to strengthen the Damien brand across print and digital materials. 
There will be instances in which the Damien brand fonts cannot be utilized because of technical limitations or restrictions. An example of this limitation is an HTML email in which attempts to include the brand fonts will likely fail. In these situations, Arial and Times New Roman should be used.
Roboto is strongest in display and impact applications, especially when the school’s identity needs to be expressed. It also may be used in headlines, subheads, and body copy applications. It is available in a variety of approved weights and formats. Roboto may be replaced by Arial in case of technical limitations or restrictions. 
Available for download at or click on the buttons below to download.
Trajan Pro is the signature typeface for the Damien brand as it expresses the school’s identity in a distinctive manner. It is classic, yet current. Trajan Pro has a limited usability since it comes in all-caps only. Trajan Pro may be replaced by Times New Roman in case of technical limitations or restrictions. 
Mozart Script is a perfect font for formal awards and certificates or any design piece that requires the touch of tradition. Mozart pairs very well with Times New Roman italic.
Buinton is a great complimentary typeface for Damien Athletics for its classic sports look, which expresses the school’s personality in a distinctive manner. Buinton comes with clean and rough versions. It is recommended to use as the headline or as a short statement. DO NOT use it in all capital letters.